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"NEW Book Reveals 22 Keys to Creating a Life You Love Before It's Too Late"

Your Future Is In Your Hands 3D View

If you could foresee the consequences of your life choices, would you choose differently?

Filled with dozens of personal stories that illustrate the feats and failures resulting from choices many of us face, YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS is comprised of timeless life lessons to guide teens and young adults through one of life's most transformative phases.

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Who Needs This Book?

Your Future Is In Your Hands is for you if you can answer “yes” to any of these questions…

  • Are you about to graduate from high school or college and have no idea what to do with your career?

  • Do you have a young child and want to do everything in your power to help ensure happiness and success in his/her life?

  • Are you worried that you may never find true love, or afraid that you're not good enough for anyone to marry you?

  • Do you wish you had richer friendships and deeper relationships in your life?

  • Are you struggling to find success or feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything meaningful?

  • Are you a teacher or a coach who want to help equip your student to have a bright, fulfilling future?

  • Do you care what your parents think about you?

  • Do you know someone who will soon graduate from high school or college and you want to help set them up for success for this important milestone of their life?

  • Are you finding that fear hinders you from taking risks or trying something new?

  • Do you find yourself constantly trying to conform to others?

  • Do you engage in serial dating but only to be disappointed with each prospect?

  • Are you obsessed with how others perceive you?

  • Do you catch yourself dwelling in negative thoughts and resentment?

  • Do you wish you could manage your time more wisely?

  • Are you lacking confidence about your financials and often have no idea where your money goes?

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    "Life takes many twists and turns but the one thing we can count on is that time doesn't stop. I have been fortunate to work with some amazing people in my career that gave me perspective, challenged me, and simply made me a better person. One of those amazing people is Loretta Lubera and she just finished her first book. It's a great read that shares stories, provides insights, and makes you pause to think. We all joke about what we wished we knew when we were young, well, here's a chance for those young people in our lives to get a sneak peek. Check it out and congrats Loretta on a huge accomplishment!"

    — Nick Dinsmoor

    Here's Just a Fraction of What You'll Discover in These Pages

  • See why connecting with others who are not like you can make a significant and positive impact in your life — Page 142

  • The one thing that can blind you and prevent you from learning and achieving amazing things — Page 100

  • Discover how mentors can help in ways you never thought, and how you can build more meaning relationships that will enrich your life — Page 148

  • Why it's important to learn how to fail, and how to prepare for it so that you can ultimately succeed — Page 161

  • A simple method to leverage your past so you can plan for your future and ensure you are on track to attain your goals — Page 92

  • Learn how to change a negative mindset full of blame and resentment to a mindset that actively chooses joy — Page 15

  • Get clarity on the key factors when selecting a spouse you’d want to be with for the rest of your life — Page 202

  • Understand why it’s so important to have a passion to learn and be encouraged to start today — Page 167

  • Recognize who is most likely to anticipate you to fail and what to do about it — Page 7

  • Be reminded why it’s imperative we choose our words carefully — Page 56

  • A quick guide to consistently save for items on your wish list — Page 125

  • Discover why it is critical to stay true to yourself instead of putting up a disguise based on how you think others want you to be — Page 24

  • A guide on how to explore options as you are trying to choose a career path — Page 40

  • Learn why money alone isn’t enough to drive you to deliver your best — Page 42

  • Be shown that it is indeed possible to master your finances instead of being a slave to it — Page 121

  • An important reminder of what it means to be grateful and to be kind — Page 42

  • Learn how to leverage goals to achieve success more effectively — Page 73

  • Find out how to befriend self-discipline to work in your favor, instead of treating it like an enemy, a restriction — Page 111

  • About Loretta

    As an eighth grader, Loretta Lubera declared that her ideal occupation would be to become a counselor. Although she ended up choosing a different path and is now a business leader, she still has a passion for supporting people on their journey. Loretta has spent years working with teens and young adults to provide mentorship, guidance, and hope.

    Having lived in Asia, Canada, and now the United States, Loretta brings forth perspectives from around the world. She resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, with her husband and their two wonderful and incredibly fun children. Not a day goes by without endless laughter.

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    Your Future Is In Your Hands 3D View

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